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If you do not have a prior intro statistics course in your background, or if you do not have any business analytics experience, then taking the OA first may make the PA a bit easier and less frustrating.

In the PA, you must find a suitable research question, one that can be answered using one of the approved methods in this course. If you have no idea what the methods are about – the types of research questions they can answer – it is more difficult to find a suitable question. Preparing for the OA requires you to dig into the materials in the MindEdge textbook and that will expose you to the variety of methods we have in this course.

Additionally, working through modules 4, 5, 6, and the case study in section 7 in the textbook exposes you to many types of business questions typically asked by managers and interested stakeholders that can be answered using the approved methods of analysis.

The one possible advantage I can see of doing the PA before attempting the OA is that you will get practice interpreting a p-value and test statistic. But the textbook does cover those concepts in-depth, assuming you read and study the textbook materials.

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