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Here are some tips for preparing for the OA:

Be sure to review the Coaching report for the Pre-Assessment and understand all the questions you missed.

To prepare for the Objective Assessment (OA), we recommend the 1-2-3 method for studying for your exam.

Approach each module by:

  1. Read the material in Mind Edge to familiarize yourself with content.
  2. Review the material using the interactive videos in the Course of Study.
  3. Quiz yourself using the quizzes in the Course of Study.
  4. The Express Cohorts recorded lectures are highly recommended if you cannot attend the live sessions.  Here are direct links:

Express Resources

Express 1 : Case for Quantitative Analysis

Express 2: Statistics as a Managerial Tool

Express 3: Quantitative Tools

Express 4: Quality Tools

Express 5 & 6: Performance Measures and Real World

Important session: Word Problem Review

Practice in the Study Stack Flashcards for each section.

Here is a screenshot displaying where these resources are in your course of study.

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